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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Teacher's Gift Boxes - step by step

Please see my other post for some pictures of the finished gift boxes. Below are some step by step photos of how I made the boxes. (The photos are taken with my phone not my normal Digital SLR camera, so please excuse the quality!)

This gift box has a base of 2" x 5" and the sides are 3" high.

Step 1. Cut a piece of card (I've used smooth Bazzill) to 11" x 8". Scor at 3" and 8" along the 11" side.

Step 2. Turn your scored piece of card 90 degrees and scor at the 3" and 5" marks (along the 8" side).

Step 3. Cut along the red lines (see photo below) and then along the green lines. Discard the sections labelled "discard" and the small triangle pieces that you cut out. Scor along the remaining blue dashed lines.

You should end up with your piece looking like this.

Step 4. Cut some designer / patterned paper slightly smaller than the cardstock sections, ink the edges and adhere to base using double sided tape.

Step 5. Adhere any additional images / embellishments to the front panel. Then add some double sided tape to the tabs (I didn't want my boxes to fall apart, hence lots of tape :-) )

Step 6. Fold box and secure with the double sided tape.

And here is the finished product:

Please see this post for details on the Copic colours I used on my images.

Thanks for looking!

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