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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Copic Wide Markers

Eeeeeeeee....I'm so excited!!! :-)

A few weeks ago I saw this post on facebook and thought - what an awesome picture! You could comment on the post to win the full set of Copic Wide markers - so I did...
and I won (#WinterWIDE)!!!

I really couldn't believe it when I saw the e-mail. At first I thought it was a scam - it was a few weeks after I had commented on the post but I had a vague recollection of commenting to win some Copic Wide markers. So I went and checked out the post again - and ... wow... it wasn't a scam - I actually won!

So for the next two weeks I waited in anticipation until they arrived in the post yesterday! Check them out - aren't they awesome!!

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I won the full set of Copic Wide markers. They come in 36 colours (although with the sets you get 35 colours. Two markers are "100 - Black" and you are missing the 0 - colourless blender).

The sets are 12A, 12B and 12C. Each set comes with the corresponding various ink for each colour too (and I think I've worked out why - the Copic Wide markers seem to use quite a bit of ink)!

Set 12A has V17, G07, R02, B24, R29, B29, YR04, B39, Y08, E29, YG03 and 100
Set 12B has R27, B32, Y15, B34, Y17, E04, Y26, E31, G21, E33, BG10 and E49
Set 12C has C1, C3, C5, C7, C9, W1, W3, W5, W7, W9, 100 and 110

12A is your bright colours, 12B has softer colours - browns and yellows and a few others and 12C is your grey and blacks.

You can also buy empty Copic Wide markers and fill them will any of the 358 Various Ink Colours. So you could end up with 358 colours in Copic Wide! I have some empty wide markers on order - the first thing I'm going to do is make a 0 - colourless blender.

You may notice that set 12C contains both 100 - Black and 110 - Special Black. I only own 110 in a Copic sketch marker so have never been able to compare the colours before. So I did my own comparison. They are very similar; however, I did find that the 110 - Special Black has a slightly more warmer / brown undertone whereas the 100 - Black has a cooler (darker?) undertone. In the image below I used a colourless blender to draw some of the colour out but I can see the difference more easily in the solid black lines.

Copic Wide markers are one ended (Sketch, Ciao and the original markers are all double-ended). They come with an Extra Broad, slanted nib which is 7/8" wide.

You can buy a broad calligraphy nib for the Copic Wide markers too. The calligraphy nib is flat across the top (not slanted) and has an 18 mm wide stroke. (I have some of these on order - will post later with some fun things you can do with them!)

So what do you use Copic Wide markers for???!! I only had one Copic Wide marker previously (B32) and I had been given that at a course. I haven't used it much but after seeing some gorgeous images that Ryan Spahr makes with Copic Wide markers I am itching to give it a try. And now I have the whole set to play with!

I had a read of this blog post and decided to try out some of the 
Copic Wide techniques for myself. 

More practice definitely required but I am excited to delve into the world of Copic Wide markers!

So do you want to win your own full set of Copic Wide markers?? Imagination International Incorporated is holding competitions all through 2015 with Copic Wide being the main focus. Check out their contests page on their website and/or keep an eye on their facebook page.

Have a great day and thanks for looking!

For more information on Copics please check out my Copics page.


  1. Oh, Elizabeth, how exciting! I am thrilled for you and know you will use them well! I've seen a video or two where they are used, and it's amazing how useful and what a difference they make! Enjoy them, sweet friend! What a blessing! Hugs!


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